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Iraq Resources

    Basra Business Centre
    Baghdad Business Center
    Business Iraq
    Central Bank of Iraq
    Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Iraqi Business Center
    Iraq a Country Study
    Iraqi Business Directory
    Iraqi Foundation for Human Rights
    Iraq Stock Exchange
    Iraq Suppliers
    Kirkuk Business Center
    Maps of Iraq: Digital
    Maps of Iraq: GS
    Maps of Iraq: HIC
    Maps of Iraq: UT
    Nineveh (Mosul) Business Center
    Portal Iraq
    Trade Bank of Iraq


Contracting Resources

    Bechtel Iraq
    Contracting Opportunities
    Defense Procurement & Acqusition Policy
    Iraqi Oil Infrastructure Repair
    Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO)


US Authorities

    Department of State Business Center
    Iraq Investment Reconstruction Task Force
    Iraq Operations
    Multi-National Force Publications
    Regional Air Movement Control Center (RAMCC)
    Travel Warning for Iraq
    U.S. Agency for International Development
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq
    U.S. Military Camps in Iraq
    U.S. Military Facilities

    Export-Import Bank of the United States
    U.S. Commercial Service Office, Jordan
    U.S. Commercial Service Office, Kuwait
    U.S. Commercial Service Office, Saudi Arabia
    U.S. Commercial Service Office, Turkey
    U.S. Commercial Service Office, U.A.E



Iraqi Government

    Baghdad Municipal Government
    Iraqi Embassy, Washington DC
    Ministry of Agriculture
    Ministry of Communication
    Ministry of Construction & Housing
    Ministry of Displacement and Migration
    Ministry of Education
    Ministry of Electricity
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Higher Education
    Ministry of Industry and Minerals
    Ministry of Oil
    Ministry of Trade
    Ministry of Transportation
    Ministry of Water Resources


Iraq News

    Al-Jazeera: Changing Face of Iraq
    Arab Gateway: Iraq
    BBC News: Iraq in Transition
    CBC News: After The War
    CNN: The Struggle for Iraq
    Iraq Daily
    Iraq Foundation
    Iraq Net
    Iraqi News
    New York Times: Iraq: The Reach of War
    United Nations: Iraq
    U.S. Department of State: Iraq Update
    World Factbook: Iraq



Other Links

    European Union: Iraq
    United Nations development Plan: Iraq





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