IDLccc International supports global contracting taking part in Iraq and their concerns through a three ways approach:
support of alliance forces by granting products, aid and management assistance throughout the region as well as support of Iraqi jurisdiction in their recreation efforts by providing contracting services, and providing help in the development of the country's infrastructure.
helping the Iraqi citizens by putting their skills into practical use, knowledge, and experience to reach the stated objectives above, by providing them with a valuable career with an optimistic prospect and experience in democracy.

IDLccc’s areas of activity include the following:

Power Generation, Distribution Systems, Cabling, etc.
Telecommunication, Microwave Systems, Cabling

HVAC Systems
Environmental Heating & Cooling Systems

Building Camps, Tent Work, Concrete Work

Rental Services
Buses, SUVs, Trucks, Trailers, Tankers, etc.

General Supply
General Supply of Goods



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